Sunday, December 18, 2011

We're finished!!!

Happy 3rd "Gotcha Day" Nick!

Nick's adoption journey is now complete! We finished his final post-placement visit with the social worker earlier this month. As we talked with the social worker it was a great feeling to tell him that Nick is a completely normal, happy 4 almost 5 year old. Nick is in preschool where he learns and socializes like a normal little boy. Any delays he had when we took him from the orphanage are gone. His health is good too. He still has his heart defect but he is now just monitored twice a year by the cardiologist. If you didn't know he had the defect you would never suspect there was one.

Nick knows he is from Russia and we talk about this fact with him all the time. We want him to proud of his heritage.

Nick still has some memories from the orphanage but I imagine these will fade the older he gets. At this point, it seems as if there won't be any deterimental effects from starting his life out in an orphanage. He is completely attached to everyone in our family and is adored by anyone who meets him. He is one special little boy and we are so blessed to have him in our family. He is the "crowning jewel" of our family. Why we were so blessed with such a precious boy we'll never know but we are forever grateful for the blessing of our little Nick.