Friday, October 8, 2010


One of the biggest challenges of adoption of an "older" child is attachment. We have worked very hard at getting Nick to solidly attach to us as his parents the last (almost) 2 years. But, I always worry is it enough. I think he is attached to us but is he really? I mean really attached...I received my answer a couple of weeks ago when we had a BBQ at our house with friends. I decided to invite Nick's babysitter and her family to attend this gathering. This lady is becoming a great friend of mine and I wanted to see how our 2 families would blend together. Prior to her coming over I started thinking about who would Nick go to if he needed something at the BBQ. Would he go ask Ms. Amy or would he ask his mom or dad? I was sooo hoping he would ask me or Chris if he needed something but since he spends a lot of time with Ms. Amy I really wasn't so sure. I was almost dreading to see what he would do at this dinner.

Well.....he asked me and Chris for things he needed!!!! Talk about relief! I think it would have broke my heart if hadn't! Oh how we love this little boy!

Update on Nick's health....his heart looks "fantastic" says Mr. Cardiologist. Nick doesn't have to go for another echocardiogram for 6 months!