Sunday, August 22, 2010


Nick's PICC line came out Friday!!! He is finished with his 6 weeks of IV antibiotics! Woohoo! He was so excited to get all those tubes out of his arm. Fortunately it wasn't a painful experience. Now he just has to do aspirin therapy for 4 months to prevent platelets from accumulating on the scarring he has on his tricuspid valve. But, overall Nick is doing well and the cardiologist is very optimistic that he won't have any long-term problems from this infection. We are so grateful.

Lauren has decided that she enjoys washing dishes by hand. It sure would be nice if this would last. I feel confident it won't though.We have come to the end of an era. Gymnastics is over :( I am sad, Alex is very sad but due to the limited resources where we live Alex can no longer progress in this sport. Since moving isn't an option for our family the decision was made to quit the sport. It is a very expensive sport and takes an enormous amount of time to just be stagnant in it. She also had some knee problems that has contributed to this decision as well. It breaks my heart that Alex cannot fulfill her dream of being a college gymnast because of where we live. Fortunately, she developed a lot of skills besides gymnastics from her time competing in the sport. We will all miss it.
Taylor is also finished with gymnastics. She just lost interest in the sport. Lauren is finished with artistic gymnastics but is going to continue on with trampoline and tumbling for awhile.

School starts tomorrow!!! WoooHooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"I do it"

As I mentioned in previous posts Nick likes to take charge of his medical care. As much of his IV antibiotic administration that I will let him do the happier he is. So, I let him flush his lines with saline before and after his antibiotics. When he is finished I hook up his medicine and I do the heparin flush at the very end but Nick does the rest. He is quite good at it too. He even reminds me when it is time to get hooked up to his medicine and when his "ball" (antibiotic) is empty.

Flushing PICC line

Unscrewing syringe

I can tell Nick is feeling better because he is having a lot of temper tantrums lately! You got to love the 2 & 3 year old years.