Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We are soooooo glad to be home. The infection in Nick's heart started shrinking and there didn't seem to be any problem with his heart conduction system so he was released to go home. It was a very long 12 days! He is home on IV antibiotics because he still has the infection and will for awhile. He will still have a lot of visits to the pediatrician and the cardiologist in the next while. But, he is on the mend.

The girls did not like Nick in the hospital at all. They were so worried about him. After Nick had been in the hospital 5 days we sent them to stay with Chris's parents. I am so grateful they were willing to keep them. Their Aunt drove out here to our house and picked them up and took them there. She does a camp for them every summer and it was the same weekend. The girls had a blast and it took their minds off of Nick so they didn't worry so much.
As you may remember, Nick has a congenital heart defect which did make him more susceptible to this type of infection. However, the cardiologist told us that only 1 in 20,000 kids with a VSD will get this type of infection. I don't know if this will mean that he will have to get the VSD repaired now or not.

One of our friends brought this head lamp to Nick as a gift. Nick absolutely loved it. It provided many hours of entertainment. I would never have thought to buy one of these but it was a fantastic gift. Now he can be like Daddy since Chris has one too.

Nick had all the nurses wrapped around his little finger. They all thought he was just precious. Of course he is!!! He was a good patient too and didn't complain a lot. He only threw 3 temper tantrums in the 12 days he was couped up in the hospital. That was very impressive to me.

By the end of Nick's hospital stay he was very proficient at taking his own temperature, putting the blood pressure cuff on and hooking up the cord that connected it to the machine. Once it was hooked up he would push the button to start the machine. He put the pulse oximeter on his finger, he could place every heart lead in the correct connection and finally....he loves to flush his own PICC line with a syringe. (I need to take a picture of that. It is very amusing.) Most of the nurses were very patient with him and let him do all this.

A big thank you to everyone who prayed for Nick. You cannot imagine how much we appreciate all of your prayers. :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hospital....day 9

Hi all....today is Nick's 9th day in the hospital. He is responding to the antibiotics so we are hopeful that sometime this week he will get to go home. Last Tuesday they put a PICC line in his arm so that he could continue to receive IV antibiotics through his arm for the 4-6 weeks after he goes home from the hospital. He was a bit cranky the day they put this in but other than that Nick has really been the ideal hospital patient. He has thrown a few temper tantrums but not as many as I would have expected from a sick child confined to a hospital room.

This coming Tuesday they are doing more blood work and another echocardiogram. What they find from these tests will determine when they will release him from the hospital. The cardiologist wants to see that the "vegetation" (his infection) on his heart valve is shrinking before they release him.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


The final verdict on Nick's illness is bacterial endocarditis. He is in the hospital probably for the next week and then home for 4-6 weeks on iv antibiotics. More later..

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Some news with pictures later...

Alex and Taylor competed in a national gymnastics competition this past week. Alex took a 3rd and 4rth place. Taylor placed 6th in one event that she says is her "worst". Not sure how placing that high in the nation could be called a "bad" event.

Nick has been running around the clock fevers for 3 weeks. I took Nick to the Dr. after 5 consecutive days of fever since I knew I would be gone on our trip to nationals. (Chris and Nick stayed home.) Our regular pediatrician was out-of-town but the guy we saw just thought he must have caught a virus and sent us home. So, off I went on my trip with the girls. We had a great time but Nick continued to have fevers the whole time I was gone. Poor little guy was miserable with fevers running 102-104 degrees. Anytime the motrin wore off he would run high temperatures.

When I got home from our trip I immediately took Nick back to the doctor (our regular one). Three weeks of fever called for extensive testing. Nick has had so many tests run on him this week to find the origin of his fevers. We don't have all the results in but at this point he has been diagnosed with pneumonia, mono, anemia and bacteremia. He is one sick little boy. I hope we don't add any additional diagnoses when we go back to the doctor tomorrow morning.