Monday, February 15, 2010

Competition weekend

Big weekend for the girls. It didn't start off so well with Lauren. She decided to sport some "Lauren" attitude at the beginning of the competition. The attitude won her a 8th and 6th place finish. Finally she was able to put her attitude behind her and she finished her day off with a 2nd place win. She was really pleased with this.

Taylor had a big day placing 1st in all events. Not only did she place 1st but she received a perfect "10.0" on the floor. Crazy. Alex was very jealous. Another Lauren picture with her showing off her 2nd place medal.
Alex had a good day taking 2 first place and a 4rth place. She scored a 9.8 on the floor which she was soo happy about.

The other night Chris and I were talking about the "girls" and Nick. Something that completely amazes us is how excited the girls are to see Nick after school everyday. They just cannot wait to see him, play with him and give him kisses. We thought that after a year some of this excitement would have died down but it just hasn't. Those girls are crazy in love with their little brother. Nick has been a huge blessing to our family.

A couple of Saturdays ago Chris and Nick were out doing "guy" shopping. I guess Chris decided that Nick was going to be potty trained because he went and bought underwear for Nick. We started potty training Nick that afternoon when they got home. I didn't know we were potty training but since his bowels were finally under control I guess it was a good time. I am pleased to say that Nick was very easy to potty train. What a relief! I was dreading potty training so badly that I was pleasantly surprised how easy he trained. After a week he was fully potty trained both night and day. He really didn't have that many accidents in that week either. I should knock on wood so there won't be a relapse. I am glad that is over with though.