Monday, November 16, 2009

Woohoo....we have a State qualifier

This weekend was the North State Gymnastic competition. Taylor was so excited to go and compete. She had her game face on! All of her hard work paid off and she qualified to compete in the State Competition. The top 10 gymnasts from the North part of the State earned a place at the competition. Taylor placed off we go to the competition next month. Taylor will compete with the top 20 gymnasts in the state.

A very proud and happy Taylor! One of the things Taylor was most proud of is the fact that she scored a 9.5 on Vault and placed 3rd on this event. This is an event that Taylor has struggled with for the past 2 years. She was so excited when she saw her score. She was dancing around like a crazy woman.

A proud daddy. Chris chased Nick most of the meet. He swears we will never take Nick to another gymnastics meet again!

Taylor with Coach Al...the Vault coach. I think even he was shocked at how well she did on the vault.

Taylor and both of her coaches

Taylor admiring her medals. She placed in all 4 events. This is a HUGE accomplishment for her.
Words cannot express how proud we are of Taylor.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Simply put....Nick loved Halloween! He thought trick-or-treating was the greatest. Friday night we went to our church's trunk-or-treat where you trick-or-treat out of the trunks of people's cars. Then Saturday night we went over to our friend's house and had pizza and then we all loaded up on golf carts to trick-or-treat in their neighborhood. The houses aren't that close together so the golf cart made it a lot easier. As soon as the golf cart would stop Nick would jump off and make a run for the door. If he wasn't at the front of the crowd he would push his way to the front. As soon as he got his candy he would run back to the golf cart and throw his candy in his bucket. (He wouldn't take his bucket to the front door...too hard to run with.) He was then ready to go to the next house. He never tired of this. We didn't stop trick-or-treating until about 10 p.m. I wish I had brought our video camera to record his introduction to trick-or-treating. Chris and I had some good laughs watching him.

A picture of all the kids before trick-or-treating on Saturday night.

Nick as spiderman. He definitely wouldn't leave the hat or glasses to his costume on!

Nick making himself laugh. He was trying to do some spiderman pose. I think :)

Alex as Cleopatra

Taylor as a Hollywood starlett.

Lauren appropriately dressed as a Runway Diva. The attitude is just a built in personality trait. :)
If Halloween was this much fun I cannot wait to see Nick at Christmas this year!