Sunday, July 26, 2009

July pictures!

June and July have been crazy busy with lots of travelling. I have a ton of pictures ...too many to post. Here are just a few...

While on vacation we took the kids to see Ice Age 3. Nick only lasted 30 minutes and then he and I went to the lobby. He loved this car video game. It wasn't pleasant when it was time to leave. I think Nick could have spent an entire day playing on this machine. You can see the "love" all over his face in this picture.

While we were on one of our vacations we got to go and meet my bloggin' friend, Kellie, and her newly adopted daughter, Hope. Hope is also from Siberia like Nick. She is from a different region there but not far from where Nick is from. She is absolutely precious. It was great to be with them. Nick's first pinata. He loved the suckers that were in there.

Mama's little helper.

Nick loves bathtime! It is hard to believe how much he used to scream when it was time to take a bath.
Chris and Nick on a motorcycle ride around the campground.

Me and Nick camping
The travelling is winding down now. I am heading to Las Vegas this weekend and then we will spend the rest of the summer around town.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Home....for now!

Phew...we are home. This summer has been a whirlwind. I am exhausted and a bit strung out. I am in a constant state of packing or unpacking. When I am home I have to work almost everyday since I am gone so much of the month. Usually I only work 2-3 days a week. Anyways....

The trip was fun. Nick stayed with his Nana and Poopaw for the week. He had a blast. They love him. He even enjoyed his Uncle Coby teasing him to death. Nick always went back for more.

The girls and I headed south after dropping Nick off and took Taylor and Alex to gymnastic camp. They had a blast. Alex wants to go to this camp for 2 weeks next summer. Taylor said she wanted to go back but just for one. She didn't want to be away from me for 2 weeks. How sweet ! :)

Lauren and I got some good Mom and daughter time while the other two girls were at camp. We went to water parks, movies, shopped and ate out without chasing a two-year old around.

Chris was home alone missing me :) while we were gone! Poor guy!

I'll post pictures soon. Too tired right to bed.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Traveling again!

Tomorrow we are leaving for a little over a week and a half on vacation. We will spend some time with my in-laws and then I am taking Alex and Taylor to another gymnastic camp. I will not be able to post pictures for Nick's 7 month anniversary of his Gotcha Day. Nick's Gotcha Day was December 16th. Crazy how 7 months have flown by. Nick has definitely come out-of-his shell. He is the funniest little boy. He loves to tease and to laugh but boy is he bull-headed! It is so great to see what a "normal" 2 year-old he is. He is into everything, loves to run and pushes his boundries.
Nick was drinking root beer in this picture. We had a good laugh as it appeared we were giving our little boy a beer to quench his thirst.
Nick loves to run....especially if he knows we are trying to catch him. He has the funniest running stride. We are not seeing a future athlete...he often trips.
My awesome sister, Kumari, and Nick at the Hogle Zoo in Utah.
Well, I must go finish packing so I can have the car ready to leave when I go to work in the morning. I have patients until 2 p.m. and then we are off!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lots of pictures!

In June the kids and I drove to Utah to visit my sister, Kumari and her husband, Ty. Alex and Taylor also attended a gymnastic camp while we were there. We had such a great time! It is such a beautiful state. The company was fantastic too! :)

Ty took a ton of pictures of the kids. It was hard to pick which pictures to post. These pictures are some from the first CD of pictures. There are so many good pictures that I'll have to post more later.

Some cute pictures of Nick.

I love this boy!

Awesome pictures of the girls.

All these pictures were taken at Thanksgiving point. The gardens there are incredible!