Friday, May 29, 2009


This face was the first clue that something was amiss! Where did he get the lipstick from?I knew I had put my make-up away in the cabinet that morning. Alex doesn't wear lipstick yet. These pictures are blurry because he would not stand still for a good picture. I'm sure it was because he knew when I found.......this that he would be in big trouble! Trouble he was! He is crying because he got a bustin'! What do you have in your dryer? I have trains!It is hard to stay mad at this sweet boy though! Here he is all wrapped up in his Spiderman towel. He fell asleep watching Barney.I need to add lipstick to the list of things that I need to put on extremely high shelves. Lipstick will be put beside every other lotion/liquid/shampoo/body wash and any other liquid that comes out of a bottle because he loves to get into them and put them in his hair and on his body. Pump bottles are the most enticing to him.

I need to end this post because it is quiet. Quiet is not good. Nick is into something! It is time to find out what.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nick's first camping/boating trip

This past weekend we went camping with a couple friend of ours and their girls and Chris's family. We had a great trip with lots of good food...thanks to Chris and his dutch oven cooking and lots of fun times on the boat.

Chris and his brothers putting up the "kitchen". Chris has perfected his dutch oven cooking. He made biscuits, stew, cornbread and cobbler in his dutch oven. Delicious!
Roasting marshmallows...too much fun. Nick wouldn't eat any marshmallows but it sure was fun to roast them. One dirty boy!On the boat.

Nick had a ball this weekend. The only drawback was our campsite was by a road. We had to constantly chase Nick so he wouldn't get in the road. Nick has decided he liked to camp. Good thing since he has another camping trip coming up on July 4rth!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

5 months! (UPDATED)

It has been a little over 5 months since "Gotcha Day". This little man has changed from a pensive, quiet little boy to one who is full of personality and happiness. We thank God everyday for him! It is hard to remember life without him.

ADDENDUM: we just got home from the doctor's office. 2 great pieces of news...1) Nick weighs 25.9# WOW! Just a month and half ago he weighed in at 24#. Thank heavens for chocolate doughnuts! 2) We were just at the pediatrician's office not the cardiologist's but....he said Nick's VSD was not as loud as it was previously. I think that is good?! We don't go back to the cardiologist until the end of summer. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed until then. :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

You know you are a hillbilly.....

As I was leaving the house this morning and loading Nick in his car seat I noticed my back rear tire was flat as flat can be. Why does this always happen when I am in a rush and it is cold outside and Chris is already at work? Who knows? So, I get in the car and drive to the barn. Climb over the fence...should 40 something year old women be even doing get to the air compressor. Of course, I have trouble starting it. Soon our donkey, comes over to give me moral support. He must have been good luck because soon the air compressor roared to life. So, climbed back over the fence to get to the hose so that I can air my tire up. Tire is aired up and now climb back over the fence to turn off the air compressor and then climb back over the fence again so I can get in my car to drive off. All in the average morning of a hillbilly. I don't think I should even know how to operate an air compressor.

Yesterday Lauren and Nick were playing in the clothes hamper. They had a ball. Too bad the laundry fairy didn't come and do laundry before they were playing in there.
Since Alex got a haircut Taylor thought she needed one too. Does it get any cuter than this? I think not!And finally, Friday was Alex's 12th birthday. Where has the time gone? I'm not sure what was going on with the blue bow but she loved it. I think one day she may regret the bow selection. But, she had a great day!Yesterday on Mother's Day I spent a lot of time being thankful for Nick's birth mother. I am so thankful that she chose life! She has given our family a most wonderful gift.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Before we adopted Nick we had heard how some children from orphanages will sneak food or get into the pantry and just eat and eat. They might even hoard food or hide food in their cheeks to eat later on. I've even heard of people having to put locks on their pantries to keep the kids from eating all day long. We have never had this problem until now....I walked into the kitchen the other day and Nick was enjoying some Hostess chocolate covered doughnuts. He was caught red handed! We have finally found a food that Nick loves. Maybe we can get a pound or two on him.