Thursday, April 30, 2009

Laundry and a new haircut

Nick loves to help with laundry. Well, at least he likes to play with the dryer.
Nick is ready for school. Of course, he has his cologne on. Alex got a more "grown-up" haircut yesterday. She was very excited. Alex hasn't had her hair this short since she was very little and it was growing out. This haircut makes it look like she has thicker hair than she really does.
As an update...Nick is eating better. Not necessarily more food just better in the sense that he eats a bigger variety and a lot of different textures. He is down to about 1 carton of yogurt a day now. He used eat about 6 cartons a day. We dont' work with food issues with the speech therapist any longer. Now we just work with his talking. The main focus with his speech right now is increasing the number of words he knows and encouraging him to put 2 words together. For example, if he wants 'milk' he will tell us 'milk'. We are suppose to get him to say 'milk please' or 'more milk'. Sometimes I feel like a broken record repeating myself. He is saying more 2 word phrases but he still prefers to use just one word at a time.

Monday, April 20, 2009

My 2 favorite cowboys and a birthday girl!

Many of you may not know that it is a fashion faux pas to wear your felt cowboy hat after Easter. Today my two favorite cowboys broke out their straw hats!
I took this picture of Nick Sunday before church. He is so funny because he has to put Daddy's cologne on before he leaves the house. A future lady killer!Taylor turned 10 last week. She is one precious girl. We went with some of Taylor's friends to watch the Hannah Montanna movie for her birthday party this past weekend. It is a pretty cute movie. I tolerated this movie so much better than Coraline or Wall*e. I thought I was going to have to slit my wrists watching those movies. Hannah Montana was very doable though.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The look that made the trip all worth it!

Lauren adores Ariel. Meeting the "real" Ariel was the highlight of Lauren's trip.
So tired!
The kids.

The family

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Princess Lauren

I was very worried about Lauren when we adopted Nick. Lauren has been the baby of the family for seven years. It was seven years of Divaville. In her mind it is all about Lauren and I worried about her adjustment to Nick. I didn't want Lauren to resent him for booting her out of her position as the baby of the family. Lauren does have her moments with Nick but overall she is so sweet to him and she loves him so much. Except when he gets into her stuff. This is a picture of Lauren and Nick watching a movie together. About 10 minutes before this picture was taken Lauren was hollering at Nick to get his big head out of the way. They figured it out and watched part of a movie together until Nick had had enough of Fairytopia. Once he realized there weren't any tractors in that movie he was out of there!
Here is the resident redneck!Heading to Disneyworld in the morning.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The 3 best words!

This morning Nick said...."wuv you mom". I have never heard Nick put 3 words together. He's been working on putting two words together but this was his first 3 word phrase. It was the greatest thing to hear coming from such a sweet boy. I love him SO much!

Nick has been to the cardiologist and the pediatrician this week. Both visits were great. Nick actually has gained a small amount of weight. I was extremely shocked since he didn't eat well during and after his hospital stay. In terms of his heart the pressure that is suppose to be high is high and the pressure that is suppose to be low is low. We don't have to go back for four months. WooHoo! Tomorrow we go to the pulmonologist who did his first bronchoscopy.