Monday, March 23, 2009

Nick's hospital stay

It appears from this picture that Nick was all smiles at the hospital. I can ASSURE you this was not the case. All that IV tubing in Nick's hand got ripped out Thursday night during one of Nick's wild temper tantrums. Friday morning they had to put it all back in prior to his second surgery. They were able to get it back in with the first stick. However, while he was still in the treatment room he threw another wild temper trantum and out it came again. The next time the IV was put in is arm. It didn't come out again until he was release from the hospital. Here Nick is "King of the Hospital Bed". All the nurses thought he was as cute as could be. The girls came up to the hospital on Thursday night to visit their brother. They stayed about 3 hours. I think he was very glad to see them. Nick was released from the hospital early Friday evening. As soon as he was released I had to race home to pack. It was Alex's Level 7 State Championship meet this past Saturday. Talk about a whirlwind 4 days! We let Alex "pick" who she wanted to take her to the meet since there was no way Nick was in any shape to travel. Mom was chosen so Chris stayed home with Nick. We are very proud of Alex for a good season. She placed reasonably well for a girl who only trained a few months for level 7. She placed 4rth on the bars, 8th on vault, 6th on floor and 7th overall.She was disappointed that she didn't place at all on her best event--beam. But, she didn't perform her best routine. Too bad we couldn't use her North State beam routine. But, we are very proud of our now Level 8 gymnast. Alex will have until next January to train for the Level 8 competitive season. She is SOOOO excited that she is a Level 8 gymnast. I am so excited that Taylor and Lauren's gymnastic meet season doesn't start for 5 1/2 more months! Phew!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Peanut Update

Thursday Nick went in for an outpatient procedure to have the peanut in his lung removed. I knew something wasn't right when the procedure was taking longer than expected. Finally, the doctor came out and told us that they had found the peanut but Nick's breathing had been compromised so they couldn't finish. Nick had to be admitted to the hospital to monitor his breathing, get antibiotics and steroids. They would try again on Friday with a surgeon. It was a long day and night in the hospital.

Friday morning they took Nick back to surgery. I was keeping my fingers crossed that his breathing was ok. When the surgeon came out he had a little plastic container with 2 peanut pieces in it. There had been 2 pieces in his lung, not one. He was successful. The peanuts are out! Nick is banned from peanuts until he is 25 years old.

My good friend, Bliss, had a great suggestion that I place those two peanut pieces on my "Mother-of-the-Year" award. I'll see what I can do.

Since Nick was going to be miserable after these 2 procedures and he was already going to be in the operating room we had Nick circumcised. Chris and I had decided that we weren't going to circumcise him electively because of his heart condition. We didn't want to put him to sleep for a cosmetic procedure with his heart condition. But, since he was going to be asleep anyways we took advantage of the situation and got that taken care of. Nick is not a happy camper today!

They released Nick from the hospital Friday evening because he did really well after surgery.

I'll post some hospital pictures later.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The peanut is coming out

Tomorrow morning Nick is going to have a bronchoscopy to remove the peanut in his lung. I'll let y'all know how things go. Poor little guy.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's About Time!

We finally got to have Lauren's birthday party on Saturday. She was so excited. She had 4 friends over for brownie bites and presents and then we went to watch Race to Witch Mountain. Lauren had a blast.
Nick finally will (sometimes)drink out of a sippy cup! WOOHOO. This spiderman cup is one he likes fairly well.
I have to call the doctor tomorrow and give a report on the peanut in Nick's lung. Nick has had a good weekend in terms of eating and sleeping and he hasn't developed a fever. But, he has developed a fairly productive cough in the past few days. We will see what the plan will be after I talk with the pediatrician tomorrow.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mother-of-the-Year 2009

Can you detect the sarcasm in the title of this post? Let me tell you why I WON'T be receiving this award. Yesterday all the kids were eating peanuts for a snack..including Nick. Peanuts are something Nick likes and has been eating for 3 months. They also have lots of calories which he needs. He hasn't ever had any problems with them until yesterday. I think he shoved too many nuts in his mouth at once. You guessed it...he choked. Then he coughed and coughed and coughed, then he vomited, then he inhaled a peanut. Fortunately, his breathing wasn't compromised! We just can hear a loud whistle every time he takes a breath. Today I took him to the doctors to have him looked at. The peanut can be heard with a stethoscope but cannot be seen on an x-ray. The doctor thinks it must be a peanut fragment. I guess fragments are not always detectable on x-ray. No action was needed today. I'm suppose to call tomorrow and report how Nick is eating and coughing. Then we are to watch him over the weekend and see what happens. Monday..worst case scenario...he will be sedated and the peanut will be extracted. No more peanuts for Nick.

Here are a couple of pictures of Nick as we were getting his chest x-ray. He moves so fast I always seem to miss the upright face.Nick was just checking things out making sure things were in order.On another bad note, Nick only weighed in at 23.11 pounds. :( He has only gained .11 pounds since he had the flu 3 weeks ago.

And another bad note....Nick is incredibly cranky today. I mean cranky! I guess I would be too if I had a peanut stuck in my lung.

As a side note...Lauren's tooth is still hanging there in her mouth like a hillbilly.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Resident Redneck!

No, it's not's Lauren. She is about to lose this front tooth and she is so excited.If you can't see the tooth on the outside of the lip click on the picture to blow it up. A lovely site.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Alex made Level 7 state

She's back! Alex had the north state gymnastic competition this weekend. This meet was the qualifier to the state competition. Alex really wanted to compete in the state level 7 gymnastic competition so she had her game face on! What a difference attitude makes! Alex placed 2nd on balance beam, 3rd on floor and 6th overall. I don't know where she has been but she is back and happy and motivated! We are so proud of her for her attitude change!Nick is living the tractor dream!
Nick always has a tractor in his hand! The boy is in love with tractors! This weekend he got to ride the tractor a lot with his dad and Poopaw (grandpa). He was in tractor heaven. Our baby girl turned 7 this past week. Here she is in her new outfit from her grandma and the Rosetta doll she wanted. We weren't able to have her party this past weekend because we were out-of-town. She was disappointed about that. The party is this coming weekend though so she has something to look forward to. It is hard to believe she is 7 years old.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Boo Boo and Hair

An activity that our family does is gymnastic shows. During this time the girls like to take turns showing us stuff they can do...over and over and over. Handstands, cartwheels, walking on hands, backbends, pull-ups, dips etc. Well, last night Nick was participating in this activity by running in circles. He was having the best time laughing like crazy until he fell and hit a plastic dollhouse just perfectly and cut his head. There was blood everywhere. Of course, I wanted a blood picture but couldn't find the camera. So, here is a bandaid picture of the boo boo. He didn't cry long and soon he was back playing with his tractors.
As an FYI, Chris won the dip and pull-up competition. You go old man!

Nick's hair has grown like crazy since we got him. I know he still doesn't have much hair but it has tripled since December.

The other day he even had a few wild hairs that I had to use some spray gel on. I love spray gel! Look at all this hair!

A couple of weeks ago we had the flu at our house for 2 weeks. Ugh! All the kids had it. We were healthy for 1 week. Today, Lauren woke up with a sick stomach and has thrown up twice. I thought I was done with illness!
Just a cute picture of Taylor I took this morning as she was going to church. I didn't get one of Alex. She looked cute too!I love this girl!