Monday, February 23, 2009

Girl's weekend!

The girls and I had a great weekend together. We missed the "boys" but they had a great weekend too.

The gymnastic meet was in a city 7 1/2 hours from where we live. It is a much bigger place than our town. The girls received quite the education. This picture is Alex trying to take a subtle picture of a guy with crazy hair. Look in the background...he is in all black so he is hard to see. We noticed other people asking to take their picture with the crazy hair guy. So...the kids asked so we were able to get a full picture of him. He was really a very pleasant guy but had some strange hair. The girls were in awe. It was very hard for them not to stare at him. It was so fascinating to them. Alex,as intuitive as she is, told me that that guy did that to his hair so he could get attention. You think?Lauren at the Rainforest Cafe
I met up with a friend I haven't seen in 10 years. She is still as cute and awesome as ever!
Finally, a picture of a happy level 7 gymnast. Alex had a great gymnastic meet but more importantly she was happy and had fun. I hadn't seen that spark in her eyes in quite some time.
It was a great weekend but good to be home.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just like his daddy!

Nick loves to wear his cowboy hat when his daddy does! My mom bought this hat for Nick for his birthday. His Nana bought him first pair of cowboy boots for Christmas. He is ready to go.

The girls and I are leaving to go to an out-of-town gymanstic meet this weekend. We are making it a girls weekend. Chris and Nick are staying home and being boys together.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Lots of stuff

I've had sick kids at my house for 2 weeks! I'm ready for everyone to be healthy! Friday night Nick kept me up all night. I'm too old for that part of motherhood! His fever is finally gone but he still has a deep cough. Hopefully, that will be gone soon too!

Because Nick was sick I didn't get to travel to Alex's gymnastics meet this weekend. It was the first meet that I had missed of hers. She did better than at her last meet but had some bad attitude. We are telling her that if it isn't fun for her anymore now that her old coach is gone she just needs to quit. We don't have any other gymnastic options where we live. It has been such a hard transition for her with her new coach. I don't know what she will do. Taylor is doing fine with the transition to the new coach but she has also had this new coach in the past.

I didn't get to spend Valentine's Day with my sweetheart. :( But, he had fun shooting guns with his brothers and dad. They are big into these shooting competitions these days.

Valentine's evening was when Alex had her gymanstic meet. She did come in 8th on floor and 8th overall which is better than her 14th overall last meet. She is definately in a different league of gymnasts now. She is still missing an element on her bar routine which makes her start value lower. It also doesn't help when she falls off the bar either.

Nana got Nick this toy gun for Valentine's Day. He loves it! I guess it is staying in the theme of the shooting competitions.

Friday Nick was evaluated by Early Childhood Intervention. He is on target in his motor skills. But, he is about at a 16 month age for speech so he will start speech therapy. The Speech Therapist will also work with him with his food texture problem. Nick still isn't eating well but it is improving some in the fact that he will eat more than yogurt now. But, anything that is slimy like a noodle or is like a rice texture he won't eat. He will spit it right out. I don't think he has gained any weight since his last doctors appointment :( In fact, with his illness this past weekend I'm sure he has lost weight. Just great! Wish I had the problem of not gaining weight.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Big Weekend!

This weekend we had family come into town for Nick's blessing. It was a lot of fun but crazy busy! Nick had a ball.

A family picture in the bright sun.Nick not wanting his picture taken. An extended family picture.Lauren and Nick having fun together! She is a great big sister. One of Nick's favorite past times. We are thinking we need to spray paint over the "Barbie".

Monday, February 2, 2009

We were told that adoptive children sometimes regress once they are with their new families. This is even encouraged to happen. Here is a picture of Lauren, my almost 7 year-old daughter, regressing. She isn't even adopted. Lately, Lauren has been wanting to eat in this high chair. Nick doesn't even like sitting in this high chair anymore. The same day I took this picture of Lauren I also caught Taylor (almost 10) sitting in it eating too. So far I haven't caught Alex in it. Also, notice the laundry drying on the table as we await the delivery of our new dryer. Another big smile from Nick!