Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Tires....Again!

I went to get my tire repaired this afternoon. Chris kept reminding me to get the tire fixed and not drive around on the doughnut. He thought I might forget to get this done. I don't know....the huge tire in the back of my car was a bit of a constant reminder :)). I could see it everytime I looked in my rear view mirror. I don't think I could forget that I needed to get this fixed. Anyhow...the tire wasn't repairable. Not only was that tire not able to be fixed the other 3 were worn out! That is the 4rth set of tires in 4 years!! Crazy. I didn't think I had had this set a year yet but when I got my paperwork out I bought them on November 7,2007. So, according to my past tire history it was definately time for new tires. Fortunately, the tires we bought last year were suppose to get 50K miles. I only had 26K miles on them and they were worn down. So, this set we were able to get 1/2 price. That helped but it was an expense we just didn't need right now! Those darn country roads.

Here is a picture of the orphanage in Russia where our little man is living. I wish we were there picking him up to come home!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tire Issues

Living in the country I constantly have tire issues. It is really annoying! I drive around with an air compressor in my car. Granted it is a small one but it is an air compressor non-the-less. Today when I was picking the girls up from school I thought my back right tire sounded funny. When I got to the school I got out of the car and checked it. It looked fine. About an hour later I am driving down the road and that same tire sounds flat. I know it is flat! I pull into a parking lot and get out to check the tire. Sure enough...I'm flat, flat, flat. I drove on the rim about 1/2 block to get to the parking lot. So, I pull out my handy air compressor out and start to air it up. About this time I am thinking Chris is the bomb for getting me the air compressor! I've had to use it before but only in my garage when I didn't want to go out back behind the barn and use the big air compressor. So, at this point I am very grateful for the air compressor that is physically in my car. Well, 20 minutes into airing up my tire it is still flat, flat, flat. Great, I need to change my tire. I knew Chris had gone to get hay and I have got to change a flat. Yuck! I pull out all of my equipment, get the spare tire out and then I couldn't get the lug nuts off. So...what did I do? I called Chris :)) I'm sure he was loving me. He was my hero though and stopped what he was doing and drove to the other side of town to change my tire. So, not only do I have an air compressor in my car I also have a hero who I can call to change my tire anyways!

Here's another sneak peak at our little boy! I can't wait to hold him again!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rumor has it....

Rumor has it that a court date is trying to be set for sometime in the next 2-3 weeks! We had to sign another paper on Monday and send it off ASAP. I guess Irina, our translator, is trying to set up our court appointment. WOW! We'll see if this happens. Wouldn't that be exciting?!

This is a random picture of Taylor. I don't know what the girls were doing or who took the picture. I just found it today. Crazy girls!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


What a gymnastic meet Alex had yesterday!!! Alex took 2nd place overall in the North State Gymnastics Meet and has qualified to compete in the GOLD division at the State Gymnastic Championships in a couple of weeks. She will compete with the top 15 gymnasts in the state. CRAZY! We are so proud of her.

Alex won FIRST place on the BARS, SECOND place on the BALANCE BEAM. You read that correctly! The uneven bars is what she took first place in!! This is not even her best event. The balance beam is her best event. She had one small balance check in her beam routine that pushed her out of first place on that event. It was crazy to see her as the 2nd best overall at the meet. We just can't get over it! It was a fun day for Alex.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pumpkin painting!

Last night we had our annual pumpkin painting party in the barn.Of course the weather didn't cooperate and it was windy and cold. The cold weather didn't stop the kids from having fun. Chris built a fire in the stove we have in the barn and it was nice and warm inside. The girls love to do this activity. Just think next year we will have a little boy wanting to paint a pumpking too!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Their off!

Our updated paperwork has been sent off to Russia! I have been stressed out trying to get all of our papers gathered and updated since we got home last week! It has also been stressful getting caught up on my work too! I haven't even unpacked from our trip to Russia!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I had to take pictures today of our little boy's room to update our homestudy. We put this room together last January! We were ready to get our little man we were matched with in Samara, Russia. That match didn't work out so the room has been sitting empty for almost a year now.

I also had to take a picture of the room Taylor and Lauren now share. They are being great sisters and sharing a room so that their little brother can have his own room! They had an adjustment period but do fine now. They've been in the same room for about 10 months now. I'm glad Taylor is so good natured or this arrangement wouldn't have worked out! :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another meet!

We had an out-of-town gymnastic meet today. Taylor just keeps on improving. We are so proud of how hard she works. Today she placed 6th overall in her entire level. Not just her age division but the entire level. This is the best she has done all year. She even received an 8.7 on her vault! This is her highest vault score all season. She was really excited. :)))

Alex took first place in her entire level. She had another great meet. Next week we head to the North State Competition. The competition is fierce! We'll see how she does. She is fired up!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Paper Chase!

We're printing out papers, signing them, calling doctors offices, having blood drawn and scheduling fingerprints. We are back to the paperwork! This time it is so much more exciting though! The quicker the paperwork is done, the quicker it will go to Russia, the sooner our court date will be!

As we are redoing our fingerprints a thought came to my fingerprints change? I think not! Why are we having to do them again!?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

We're home!

We are home, we are tired but we are in love with our little boy! We had a trip that was NOT fraught with problems like our trip to Samara! I cannot not wait to make this little boy officially ours! He is absolutely precious. As many of you know, I cannot post a picture of him until he is offically adopted. But, here is a picture of Chris and I at the open market in Moscow. We got a lot of pressure to buy these hats but we didn't. They were fun to try on though.

We were fortunate that our trip fell at a good time in terms of document delivery to Moscow. I guess documents are only sent to Moscow once every 10 days. Well, this past Wednesday was document delivery day so our official acceptance of our referral is already in Moscow! That saved us 10 days. We now have to update a lot of our paperwork and get it to Russia before the end of the month. Our translator wants to try to get us back to the region in 6 weeks. Wouldn't that be the greatest?! Now, I know how Russia operates so it most likely won't be 6 weeks but a woman can dream can't she?

The orphanage that our little boy is in is a good one. It is about an hour and 40 minutes outside of Kemerovo. The place is new, clean and the staff seems to really care about all the kids. In fact, when we were in our meeting with the orphanage director, orphanage doctor and social worker they received 2 post-placements reports that our translator had brought with her to the orphanage. They were genuinely excited to see the kid's pictures and wanted to know how they were doing. Chris and I really liked seeing that!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Tomorrow is D-day!

Chris should have a good time walking airports with this injury! Is that nasty or what?!

We are leaving tomorrow morning! Pray everything goes well! I can't believe we are finally returning to Russia! I don't have a laptop so I will blog as soon as I get home next week. :))

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Chris is mad.

Well, it seems Chris is mad about my random 6 things list. He thought the #1 item should be that I married my best friend---him. This is very true. I have been extremely blessed to be married to my very best friend in the whole entire world. Chris is my rock. I didn't put this as my #1 item on my random list because I know many people already know this fact and so it didn't seem random to me. But, for those of you who didn't already know that I married the greatest guy on the earth you know now. I hope with all my heart my girls find a husband as great as the one I have. I hope they can be best friends with their husbands too. God truly blessed me the day we were set up on a blind date in October 1992.

It is almost Saturday! :)))

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

6 random things about me!

I am finally getting a chance to respond to my tag. So, here are 6 random things about me:

1) I used to have straight hair! Now it is curly/wavy and I hate it. When it isn't too humid I will straighten it.

2) I do not like to read books to my children. I know, I know....I'm horrible. I always feel guilty about this dislike too. But, it is what it is!

3) Many years ago when I was younger and much thinner I trained to be a professional ballet dancer. I danced with a pre-professional ballet company and loved every minute of it. It was disappointing that my girls had no interest in ballet. NONE! They are gymnasts!

4) I cycled 3,219 miles during the year 2006. Sadly, I didn't lose one pound :( . I spent a lot of time riding with Chris so they definately weren't wasted miles! He is hard to keep up with though. He is a cycling machine!

5) I hardly ever cry. Chris tells me if I were an Indian my name would be "Stone Heart" :)). Although I don't cry much I am quite tender hearted and get my feelings hurt easily. I just don't outwardly show my emotions.

6) And finally, when I am cycling I will ride 5 miles out of the way to not be chased by a dog! It scares me to death to have a dog charging at me. I didn't know that I could pedal a bike so fast!

Now I am suppose to tag people to do the same thing:

I choose: (but I don't know how to link you to them! :{ )
1) Jenn
2) Amy
3) Kumari
4) Patty
5) Kelly
6) Kellie

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Congratulations to Alex. She won district championships yesterday!!! We are so proud of her. She had an awesome meet. She qualifies to compete in the North State competition in 3 weeks.

Taylor had an awesome meet yesterday too. She finally received a decent vault score. She was thrilled. We are so proud of her too.

Here is a random picture of Lauren. We took this last weekend in the car as we travelled to an out-of-town gymnastic meet. She loves her "Lauren" teddy bear. You can't really see it in this picture but she had to put eye glitter on too; just like her sisters do for their gymnastics meets.

It has been a busy weekend. I am the president of the Parent Association for the girl's gym. It is my responsibilty to organize, plan and execute the home meets. My in-laws also came into town to see the girls. Of course, I had to put them to work at the meet! :-). I've had to wear multiple hats this weekend; gymnastic mom, daughter-in-law, nurse (to my baby, Chris :}, and his hurt foot) and wife. Chris is convinced he sits back seat to all of the above. He assures me that with this upcoming trip to Russia he WILL NOT come home empty handed. He is looking into :))) Poor Chris.

I've been tagged here in blogland to write 6 random things about myself. When I am finished I am suppose to tag 6 more people to do the same thing. I'm going to have to think about this. I'll do this project tomorrow.

6 days to departure!!!! We're nervously excited.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

RUSSIA, here we come!!!

We received our travel dates! We will visit the orphanage in Kemerovo October 13 & 14th. We are soooooo excited!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chris is wound up!

Here is a picture of Alex. I think it depicts how we are feeling about no travel dates yet!!! Chris is so uptight about this. I'm uptight about getting "the call" but he is uptight AND on edge. When will we get our dates???? We are ready. We received our travel visas today. The travel visas were one bright spot in our day.