Monday, April 28, 2008

April 28, 2008

I thought we had signed the all paperwork to move our dossier out of Samara but we were told last week that there was more. Imagine that. We signed papers to move into the regions of Tyumen, Kurgan, Murmansk, Pskov and Kemerovo. We also signed papers that were blank just in case a little boy became available in another region. I'm trying not to focus as much on the adoption because the lack of speed in this process is making me crazy. We wasted another 3 weeks just in thinking our dossier had been moved when it actually hadn't.

Lauren had her gymfest this weekend. She was so excited. I will post a picture of her since I don't have any more adoption news.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

April 16, 2008

I have decided to attempt to set up a blog about our adoption journey. I am not going to re-live what we have already gone through with our lost referral but will continue our story from this point forward. Hopefully, we will have a better ending with a new referral.

Chris and I signed the paperwork for our dossier to be moved out of Samara and into another region of Russia on April 3rd. We haven't heard were we are going yet. We are anxious to get the ball rolling again since we feel like we have wasted the past 4 months. It is frustrating that we can't seem to get information. This adoption process is a lesson in patience.

I added a recent picture of our 3 girls. (I'm surprised I could do this!) They are also anxious to get their little brother home. It was as crushing to them as it was to us when we lost our referral to the Russian family. We still think of him as our little boy. We are trying to change our thoughts and let him go though.