Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gotcha Day #4!

Family photo- Spring 2012
Nick's gotcha day #4 picture.  We love this little boy!

Monday, April 23, 2012

What blog????

Life is so crazy I just don't seem to have time to blog anymore.

Nick recently had a doctors appointment with his cardiologist and he gave us a lot of hope that his heart is self correcting itself. The cardiologist still won't let us go to once a year visits yet so we continue to go twice a year for now. But things look good.

Nick is doing so well in preschool. It is so fun to see him acting like a normal 5 year old boy. His teacher has assured us that he learns well and interacts with the other kids normally.

One of my most favorite parts of the day is when I first see him after school. It is so fun how his face lights up all the way to his eyes with happiness when he sees me. I know he has this same response when he first sees Chris too. It just melts my heart every time I see it. It never gets old.

That is all for now. I'm not even going to post pictures because it will take too long to get them off my phone and camera nd onto the computer. Maybe next post....

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Catch up post

A lot has happened since I last posted but whose life isn't crazy busy?! Here is a picture summary.

Chris and Nick on a donkey ride. Who doesn't love those?

Whose husband rides a ripstick holding chairs? Chris has incredible balance so he can handle this task. The cowboy get up is Chris' normal attire when out riding his animals. It is not a costume....which may be shocking to some :-)

Sibling love

We spent Christmas at Chris' parents house. While we were there we went on a train ride. Nick thought he had died and gone to Heaven! He loved it.

Me and Nick on the train.

Alex & Taylor on train

The kids had to line up and wait until everyone was ready to see what Santa had brought them.

Nerf guns were a Christmas hit (as they always are)

Nick turned 5 in January. He had his first birthday party with his friends. We held the party in our party barn and gave the kids donkey rides.

Nick playing with friends

Every little boy loves a super hero. Nick really loves Batman and Spiderman right now.

That's all for now! My computer wouldn't let me change the background from the Christmas theme so we will continue to enjoy Christmas for awhile longer.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

We're finished!!!

Happy 3rd "Gotcha Day" Nick!

Nick's adoption journey is now complete! We finished his final post-placement visit with the social worker earlier this month. As we talked with the social worker it was a great feeling to tell him that Nick is a completely normal, happy 4 almost 5 year old. Nick is in preschool where he learns and socializes like a normal little boy. Any delays he had when we took him from the orphanage are gone. His health is good too. He still has his heart defect but he is now just monitored twice a year by the cardiologist. If you didn't know he had the defect you would never suspect there was one.

Nick knows he is from Russia and we talk about this fact with him all the time. We want him to proud of his heritage.

Nick still has some memories from the orphanage but I imagine these will fade the older he gets. At this point, it seems as if there won't be any deterimental effects from starting his life out in an orphanage. He is completely attached to everyone in our family and is adored by anyone who meets him. He is one special little boy and we are so blessed to have him in our family. He is the "crowning jewel" of our family. Why we were so blessed with such a precious boy we'll never know but we are forever grateful for the blessing of our little Nick.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Orphan Sunday

I thought since today is Orphan Sunday I post a picture of one of the cutest little boys who is no longer an orphan. We are crazy in love with this little boy. Alex went to homecoming awhile back. Since she is not allowed to date until she is 16 she went to the game with some friends. Usually your date gets you a mum to wear to the game. I didn't want her to not have a mum so I had a friend of mine make her one. She also made a mum for Taylor and Lauren too. By the end of the homecoming game I was wearing both Taylor and Lauren's mum. Alex kept her mum on.HALLOWEEN 2011
I talked Nick into wearing last year's Iron Man costume. He didn't mind at all as long as he got to bring a gun (toy one of course) with him.Lauren is into the Twilight series so she wanted to go as a vampire. She cannot wait for November 18th when Breaking Dawn part 1 comes out.
This is the first year Taylor did not dress up in something pretty for Halloween. Taylor and one of her friends went as "Dumb" and "Dumber" from the movie Dumb and Dumber. Taylor was "Dumb".
Alex and her friend, Taya, went as a baby and an a grandma.

Me and nick

Monday, October 17, 2011

I've got a good dad

Last night Nick asked someone if they had a dad. I guess because he had never seen their dad. After he asked that question he then told them..."I've got a good dad". I have to admit I got a bit choked up with that sweet comment he made about Chris. It definitely made Chris happy to hear that too. What a sweet boy!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Boots

Nick needed some new boots. He was so excited when we found some that look very similar to Dad's! He thinks because they look so much like his Dad's he now needs to keep them where Dad keeps his.

Now I have another pair of boots to trip over in my bathroom when they don't really get put up where they are suppose to be.